Cleanse your sole.

Feet Are Gross.

And we can help with that.


Let's face it. We collect a LOT of grime on our feet throughout the day, which is why we created The Before Bed Foot Wipe. Whether you're too tired to shower or just want that last minute clean feeling before you crawl between the sheets, the Before Bed wipe is the answer. With hints of lavender and chamomile, this wipe will put you to sleep and get your feet squeaky clean. The wipe is textured for an extra mini scrub, so you don't transfer dirt and grime into your place of rest.

Wash your feet. Brush your teeth. Wipe your feet.

I love the lavender scent and the essential oils.
They don’t dry my feet out like most wipes do, they feel moisturized. My feet feel clean and tingly.
— Happy customer
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