How we impact: HAITI

Guest Author: Sarah Ruppe

In December, EMBR donated 244 wipes to Melissa’s Hope Orphanage in Haiti. Haiti has been a country on our hearts for over a year, and we wanted to help in any way that we could. We found the perfect EMBassador, Sarah, to use her connections to get our wipes over to Haiti. Here’s Sarah’s experience:

“At Melissa’s Hope Orphanage in Haiti, the children are playing all day long on the concrete and not all of them have shoes to wear. This was the perfect place and perfect people to share these wipes! I decided to use the foot wipes on “Big Boss” as he was in his wheelchair coloring and his feet were dirty. He smiled as I cleaned his feet with the wipe and he wanted another one for his hands to use and smell. When the Orphanage opened up on Saturday for camp and all of the community children came over, I was so excited to give them the EMBR wipes. The second I tore the package open, the little girls could smell the lavender scent and were fighting to take a pack for their own. The kids and the house moms were absolutely in love with these wipes. Mama Charlette and I decided to distribute the a bunch of the wipes among the goodie bags for all the community children who attended camp at the Orphanage. The kids were thrilled to have wipes to bring back with them!"

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