Our Impact



Our motivation behind Buy One / Give One:

If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re blessed. You were able to find clean water this morning, access the internet and purchase a product. You have money in your bank account and food in your refrigerator.

Now imagine being dirty at the end of the day and not being able to wash that feeling off. 2.4 billion people face that reality every day, and EMBR wipes is going to change that.

Wipes are the answer to not having access to improved sanitation, and we are the answer to helping those in need.

Where we give: We believe every person should feel clean no matter they were born. EMBR plans to have wipes in every country across the world.

  • Africa

  • KC

  • Rosebud Reservation (Sd)

Why Africa: Emily grew up in Africa and loves this community. She still has strong ties there, and because Emily loves it, Bre loves it too.

Why KC: Emily & Bre live in Kansas City and call this place their home. It’s where they met and where they started EMBR.

Why Rosebud: This is one of the poorest counties in the U.S., with the average per capita income below $10,000. Due to the living conditions here, our wipes are needed in this community.