What makes an EMBR wipe?

  • The skin on your feet is different than that of other areas of the body. It’s thicker, tougher and forms extra layers in the process of protecting itself, which is why our wipes have texture that replicate a scrubbing effect in order to effectively remove dirt and bacteria from the feet.
  • The length of the wipe was designed in mind for all sizes, shapes and textures of feet. We’ve designed these wipes with a touch of romanticism, knowing that every time you use a wipe for yourself, someone halfway across the world that doesn’t have access to modern sanitation is using one too, and it’s because of your purchase.
  • Our formula was made with all skin types in mind. EMBR wipes use essential oils instead of harsh chemicals to show you that we care about you and the environment.
  • Our packaging was designed for one purpose, and one purpose only: the people who receives the “give one” wipe get to hold and feel something beautiful and special, that growing up in a third world country doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a gorgeous package that makes them feel noteworthy.

EMBR wipes are manufactured in the USA.